See the work of local artists in five homes in the neighborhood. Artists for the 2014 Home Tour include:

Dana Ballard • Cards and Photography

Robin Bryant • Pottery

Leslie Capizzi • Jeweler

Margie Dickman • Beaded Items

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Sherie Dike-Wilhelm • Wire-Wrapped Jewelry and Natural Body Care Products

G. Eliot • Painting • Eliot Arts

Amanda Gadomski • Recycled Art

Bob Glassner • Drawing/Painting

Diane & Harold Golz • Pottery • High Fire Functional Pottery, using stoneware and porcelain clay to make wheel thrown and hand built pieces

Deanna Hebbert • Aprons

Ann Hines • Photography • through Composition and Color, the Ordinary is Transformed into a Striking Image

Rose Jahnke • Unique Custom Crochet Items • Crocheted Hats and Whimsical Stuffed Animals

Sarah McGregor • Wool Blankets and Decorations

Cheyenne Moondancer • Handcrafted Soaps, Lip Balms, Lotion Bars and Bath Sachets

Julie Nolan / Studio Juliet • Jeweler • handmade jewelry made with sterling, brass and copper metal and leather paired with pearls and semiprecious stones

Sharon Naimon Norton • Think Humanity • Fair Trade African Jewelry, Baskets, Art work and more

Lisa Patchem • Photography • “I Want A Lisa” Visual Affirmation Artwork

Susan Platt • Jeweler

Greg Smoot • Woodcarving • Wood brought to life through realistic Woodcarving of Birds and Animals

Greg Thompson • Photographer

Tony Umile • Photography • an Exploration of the Many Facets of Reality

Elizabeth Wieder • Sewing/Children’s Clothing • Plan E